Our primary goal is to provide our customers with premium, fresh, and just plain delicious products!

Dave and Tracy Meyer have built our farming business to what is today through the support and guidance of our family and a local community that has truly embraced our homegrown products. We enjoy and love raising our three children on our farm in Boston, NY. We use it as a way to teach our kids about hard work and dedication. The whole family is often in the fields together or working on processing popcorn for customers together.

A Life of Farming

Dave Meyer is a fifth generation farmer, growing up on his family’s dairy farm that has been in continuous operation since 1855. Dave always had a passion for growing and selling local produce as he grew up helping his mother with her sweet corn stand that she successfully managed for over 45 years. After college, Dave took over his mother’s sweet corn stand and he added pumpkins as his second main crop. In 2010, when Dave married Tracy Brown, the two partnered up not just in life, but also in the farming business!

Over the next few years, demand for our farm fresh produce continuously grew. We established the LLC and added on 5 more stands. Tracy quit her job as a Special Education teacher to focus on raising our three small children and continue to grow the family business. Dave is employed full time off of the farm, but spends evenings and weekends with Tracy on the farm.

Premium, fresh, and just plain delicious!

We are always looking for new products to grow and share with the public, so in 2017 we started to research all things POPCORN and began to experiment with growing varieties of popcorn. The initial popcorn experiment was met with great success, so in 2018 we added 4 new varieties of popcorn. By 2019, we discovered we couldn’t keep our stands stocked with the product fast enough to meet the demand of our loyal customers!

We are constantly working on refining our popcorn processing technique so we can be ahead of the demand on our stands. We are also looking forward to experiencing an increase in our on-line and retail sales. We would like for you to join us on this venture, explore our product line of premium popcorn, and order a bag to pop and enjoy – from our home to yours!

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